Craig Anderson

Front End Developer

Craig Anderson Headshot seated in red chair

About Me

I'm a web developer based in Toronto and I take pride in writing efficient, useful code. I love the logic of javascript and its possibilities for creating unique and engaging experiences. I’m a builder and a problem solver, and I thrive in collaborative and challenging environments.

When my laptop isn’t warming my legs, I’m usually poring over baseball stats, building model ships, or teaching improv workshops. I’ve also read too many fantasy novels.


Recent Work

Magic: The Hollywood Edition

jQuery | Javascript | Ajax | APIs

This two-player card battling app has combatants square off with only the movies of their favourite actors to defend themselves.

Tasting Notes Wine Journal

Firebase | React Router | Axios | Git

This agency-style group project allows users to search the LCBO API database for new wines to try, then rate and store personal notes in their own private account.

My BaseBall Card

React | Firebase | ES6 | Gulp

Track the stats from your weekly rec-league softball game with this mobile-first React app that stores and compiles your data with firebase, and generates the baseball card you’ve always dreamed of having.

Airport Thriller Novel

JQuery | Javascript | Functional Programming

In tribute to the endlessly consumable joy of airport bookstore paperbacks, this Javascript app generates the perfect random title for whatever trip you’re planning.


HTML5 | CSS3 | Sass | Responsive Design

A one page creative agency web template recreated from a static image. Layout and design dynamically respond to all screen and device sizes.


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